Thursday, September 6, 2007

How to Get in a Magazine

Here are some tips for other models on how to get in a magazine

1. look at magazines you like and want to be in.
2. Or research and contact the photographers who have published work in the magazines you want to be in.
3. email the photographer your ideas and pitch your personality.
4. Or send yourphotos to the photo editor directly at the magazine.
5. Research on internet sites like and search the words "editorial" or ' magazine" sometimes you have to be careful of the scams but using the Internet sites like Google you can research editor names and address's for mailing your photos at least.

Same thing for agencies, mail your photos and don't give up!

I gained my first tearsheets in Women's World Magazine, Stuff Magazine and Mass Appeal, Accent Magazine and meetings with Latina Magazine ..through research and using sites like Craigslist to scout out legit modeling work for editrials....not from an agent but through approaching photographers or mailing the magazines my photo myself and researching on the Internet.

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