Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Modeling at the Back of the Pack

One chapter of my book is called At the Back of the Pack of Giraffes Forever. It makes me think about how much the internet has effected my pursuits. helped and also taught me about the business. Teenagers more than ever I think are using the Internet as not just a tool but a way of life. Technology has changed every business and the entertainment business is the same inside the agency door but until you get into the agency door it is a great tool to learn, and start pursuing, but the Internet means also you are not protected, becareful what you post, who you meet, and it will take a few tumbles and mistakes before you find that the Internet can sting! And what you write, post and show stays...even long after you have changed or moved on or bettered yourself.

I hardly use for photoshoots anymore, but many photos of myself from years ago are still founds on the net. The World Wide Web, keeps and doesn't forget. So use it, but be aware.

Yes you can gain work through the Internet, I have and it shows there are legit jobs and people out there who do pay and are professional. But I still have a compcard and a portfolio book of images, (if you dont have huge funds for printing try although it feels good to skip the middle man, to get to the clients, jobs like Conde Nast, you need a serious agency and agent. You need people on your side, and it is very hard to get into the door so the Internet can help a ton to get started, to get some photos, to learn about promoting and marketing yourself through website like and but also you can't rely on one source or person. If you want to succeed at something or have to use many tools to get there.

Right now I am working on shooting commercial print photos outside, - I want to shoot by the brooklyn bridge before the heat turns to freezing cold!

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