Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pray Tonight

Six years ago on September 11th in 2001, I had just recently moved to NYC ( chapter one of my book) and didn't really understand what 911 meant. I knew the danger, the deaths, the broke soul of a city I had just met, the obvious from the faces I saw near by. But only recently do I really feel the emotion of New York City and that day. Since now I feel NYC is my home, and I have a love/ hate relationship with New York every single day. I ironically live downtown now. Only a walk away from the sight, and may we all pray tonight for the energies in us to stay full of life while we have it, and to remember life is too short and unexpected and lets pray that we will always let freedom ring in our broken hearts from the day we lost too many precious people to ignorance. May we keep our faith and help one another and strive to be all we are capable of being unlike many of those who lost their chance too soon.

----------------------isobella jade--------------------

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