Saturday, September 29, 2007

Isobella doesn't like Fake Breasts

So I think it is sad that Heidi Montag has to talk about her implants with Us magazine in this weeks issue. About how "Boys teased her." It is sad because she let these "teasers" win.

Today I posed with a global leadership magazine for a feature, the job involved a photo of my breasts and they are A cups, maybe bitty B's but if I can work with global magazine I think that means more than getting fake breasts and trying too hard to be airbrush perfect. Granted there was airbrush on my breasts and there is photoshop available but adjusting our natural selves should not be something women do. It is a very sad thing. If you have fake ones you really need the boost then ok, I hope you are very happy now. But I am against the fake boob. I just am. I don't like the thought of some gellish thing inside of my body, and I don't think there is a good excuse, besides a medical reason- to get implants...if I lost one of my breasts due to disease or misfortune, I might get one. But then again, I think women should start using their brains more. I consider myself attractive, but also smart and the smart part means more to me.

I wish it would mean more to girls on the cover of Usmagazine.

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