Saturday, December 6, 2008

Advertising: Magazine Covers are now Ads?

I am confused. I bought a copy of British Vogue. Excited to read it with Kate Moss on the cover looking stunning in a Dior dress. The headline on the cover read " fashion & fantasy Kate Moss in Dior Couture." I flipped through the whole magazine. Couldn’t find the editorial. Frustrated I asked my boyfriend, " can you find this editorial for me!??" He graced every single page. He couldn't find it.

Then we came to the conclusion. There was no editorial. We opened the cover pages to reveal a folded sleeve, that was just the front cover sleeve which was the editorial we were looking for….or was it a Dior ad?

Either way it was a hot photo and well produced, love the dress and Kate looked beautiful, but I wonder...are more covers going to become ads?

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