Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Modeling Just for Men-Or for you?

I don't model for men. I don't care about being the hottest thing on the internet. That is not my goal. ( I have bigger goals than just that)

So many girls just model for the showing off factor. For the feeling hot factor, and modeling to them is targeted more for men to moan than towards working with brands and REALLY modeling. Tomorrow on Model Talk Radio I will be talking about how a girl can start marketing herself to agencies, magazines, and brands, and be more of a model, if she wants to. It doesn't come down to someone else thinking you can, calling you hot, ect, it comes down to YOU wanting more, and making it happen.


Lisa said...

Hey, that's a good post! Unfortunately, there are some men and boys who tend to think of models as sluts, even if they are modeling for brands, agencies, magazines, etc., especially if they are very conservative, religious, unattractive, and/or have low-self esteem. These are the types of guys that will wear models down. So, in other words, it is best for models to avoid these guys in favor of those guys who are more supportive and progressive because traditional guys sometimes have a tendency to be abusive.

isobella jade said...

Thanks for your comment