Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I hand model, I shoe model, I leg model,I leg model,

This was part of my responce to a girl asking me about glamour modeling, a term of modeling which I really am not into at all. I tried to share my thoughts with some inspiration to want more and be more.

"The internet has made Glamour modeling something girls can consider, but it isn't a respected type of modeling, unless it is the style of an ad campaign for a lingerie company and you are modeling for their website, or for their ad campaign or something. The type of modeling I do involves brands and using what I have to get ahead as a model and work with great brands.

I hand model, I shoe model, I leg model, I hair model, and I use my energy and diverse look for the commercial print modeling world. I produce the photos I need, I have made my compcards, I have mailed them out, I have researched and tried to market myself time and time again. That is how i have found success. A model of a shorter height can find opportunities....I don't like to say that a model can find success as a model because every has different perceptions of what success is, -by thinking about products that use models of all heights...and product modeling that invovles not the whole body but just the face or "parts model"...such asjewelry, haircare, skincare, nail polish, handbags, shoes,--these are all things a shorter girl can model...but you have to show in your photos you can work with products, commercial print modeling agencies want to see model, really model, it involves working with brands and representing them. What do you think the word model means? to model represent it, to make the product look good. Otherwise you are just a cute girl, hot girl, sexy girl...and having your photo taken for the heck of it."

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