Sunday, December 14, 2008

Vicky Christina Barcelona the title?

Today after visiting Patricia Field's and chilling out and about Soho I went to the
Angelica and saw Vicky Christina Barcelona.

The title Vicky Christina Barcelona seems weird... why not "Vicky and Christina in Barcelona" because that is what they were. I thought each actress was really striking and the plot was complicated yet simple. Each character got to sort of try out the other's perception of love, I liked that. I usually hate watching, and having to stare at two people make out in a scene, but the sex scenes were shot well. ( I am not really into porn obviously)

The voice over for the film was well done and a nice element.

It was my first Woody Allen film.

Penelope Cruz was so sexy, entrapping.

Still the title is weird.

Vicky Christina Barcelona sounds like the name of someone.

I do want to go to Barcelona, the photography in the film inspired that thought.

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