Monday, December 22, 2008

American Photo Magazine- Online Publishers

I enjoyed the feature in American Photo Magazine on Online Publishers for coffee table books. To me color management and paper weight seem to be the most important factors, but it would be hard to tell without seeing a proof first. I count the photos I have of my friends in the apartment...not many. I am planning on changing this. I like the fact I can snap a photo and quickly email it to someone, helps in many ways, even modeling and body part modeling...if my agency needs a quick shot of my hand, face, etc. I can have it to her in like 5 mnutes. But.. I have gotten more and more interested in having physical photos printed and put in a album, and I think making a coffee table book can be a cool way to share photos with friends and family.

The magazine featured:

I think this is a fun idea also for a gift giving. I think the digital photography world has gone so commercial that people do not print physical photos anymore from their vacations, special events, even random nights out,...and having a keepsake photo memento is a lost thing.

I recently put photos from Rome in an album, and I printed about 30 photos, however I am considering making my own Rome coffee table book.

The price for a book varies in consideration to the size of the book, from bascially $12-$199.

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