Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Remember before the internet

I don't remember being in school and growing up with the internet. I don't. We might think we grew up with it but generation Y did not really.

I don't remember using my computer until college daily. In 2000.

My sister though, three years younger had a laptop in high school. I missed out on that.

I could never imagined counting my rankings on Google or the hits on my blog and podcast radio show. I could never imagine downloading a photo. The birth of the internet meant a "photo exchange" on AOL, not an open port of everyone and anyone and people revealing themselves so naturally and without shame.

A lot of what we are defined by is based on the internet. I was thinking, what if the internet got turned off. What if it was no more, maybe the satellites stopped working or phone lines? I am on the internet several, if not more hours each day.

It is my research tool.

I think about the writing I do, and the freelance work I have done writing and if the internet got turned off, how would I have those credits. Our lives have become so reliant on the internet, for even our resumes. I am so dependant on it.

Remember before the internet, we never imagined needing it, and now it is such a huge part of our lives and we cant imagine being without it.

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