Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Recession in Andrew Carnegie's words

I am reading Andrew Carnegie by David Nasaw, it feels like I have been reading it for a year, maybe I have. It is a very detailed book, I read it before bed and my mind goes wild thinking of the days before the Internet, commercial fashion, cell phones and even cars as an American house hold item. Days when people only owned a few pairs of things. I have a pen by my side when I read. I circle things, make notes, and reflect while I read. Sometimes I have to read things over a few times because my mind wonders so much thinking. Maybe it isn't the best book to read before I go to sleep but the details tire me, even so.

Last night I read how Andrew delt with the "depressed business climate" in 1876.
He wrote, "..fill the works at a small margin of profit- get our rails upon the leading lines next year. The year after take my word for it, you will make profit enough.""Don't be greedy...small profits & large sales."

I do agree, during trying times we as people, business owners, and companies should not forget the importance of keeping the engines going, keeping the flow of production will lead to being ahead when the times are better. I don't believe in bitching, I believe in doing. This will pass.

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