Thursday, December 4, 2008

Myself is Full of Models and Musicians

Do you notice how Myspace is full of models and musicians? Ever since a few talented musicans, have gained buzz from Myspace it seemed each day I welcome 5-10 more musicians as my friends on Myspace from daily friend requests. They all basically have the same message, “ I am trying to grow my fan base in hopes you might like my music.” It is sincere, sweet, not pushy…some of the music does sound pretty good. Although I do not think Myspace is where the marketing starts or ends for a dreamer. It takes a lot more self promotion than just a Myspace page. Growing a fan base, and sharing information about concerts, events, and such is great, but promotion should not end on Myspace for any dreamer, or small business. The work of both social media and also personal face to face promotion go hand in hand, both can not be neglected, but should not be relied on solely.

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