Tuesday, December 30, 2008

comfortably Dumb Models and Girls

There is something going on with girls being comfortable being dumb. Dumb and filmed being dumb. It goes for models too. And by dumb I mean not caring how careless they are. Talking through their nose all nasal and snotty, whiny. Yuck! Did Jerry Springer start this egomaniac drama on TV?
I notice how obsessed people get over reality TV, and yet when I put it on for a second I can hardly handle one minute of it before having to change the channel. I don't understand why these shows are popular and how these girls get TV Shows?

I especially can't stand modeling reality TV, it is sad, I really want to puke over internet modeling sites, and girls flashing their boobs on Myspace. I had this conversation with a photographer recently, about all the amateurs out there, and he said, “It is easy to be a star in a sea of shit.”

In the underground bubble of amateur modeling and photography there is so much shit, people living this fantasy and not a good one, a bad one, where they think their reality is reality, but really it is a self image problem. They are cool and so respected within their amateur circle. The sad thing is if they wanted to be more…aimed higher they could be more…maybe. A lot of girls are so desperate to be seen, be hot, be adored, that they end up losing their dignity or worse. Or going to desperate measures just to feel better about them elves. What is winning a booty contest on the web going to get you?? Watching a bunch of rich wives gab isn’t going to make you richer?

I say, screw being comfortably dumb and numb and make something of your life, I am so sick of the Tila Tequila girls, without a purpose or goal beyond being known and being hot….why not have an opinion that doesn't involve Ummmmm or Truck off, and don't be afraid to be who you want to be, but make sure who you want to be is you, and not some chick that says “Ummmm I don't know”..too much.


Rahul Patel said...

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Nicole said...

I love your honesty! I think the word "model" is used very loosely nowadays. As I've been doing my research into the "modeling world," I've noticed that many girls consider themselves models when in reality they're not. It seems like all you need are some tasteless photos of yourself on the internet and all of a sudden you can all yourself a model. It's really starting to turn the word "model" into something negative. It's a pretty sad thing to see. Thanks for the constant updates and advice!