Monday, December 3, 2007

The Apple's model, Meets Store number 3, (her lucky number)

My favorite number is three, my favorite subway is the 3 train and the third Apple Store opens this week!
The Apple Store is a peaceful place, a creative place, a busy place, a place I like to call my second home, the Apple Store is an inventive place, a dreamers escape, a makers make. I saw a sticker poster thing on 25th Street advertising the launch of the store. And reported that:Apple Store in NYC is due to open this Friday, and official Apple e-vites went out earlier today. New York City's fourth Apple retail outlet (three in Manhattan, one on Staten Island -- no love for Brooklyn, Apple? What's up with that?) will be opening to the public at 6 pm on Friday 12/7. The store will be open 9 am to midnight Mon-Sat and 9-7pm on Sundays.!!!! Very exciting!

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