Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Beauty isn't Everything for a Model

A lot of girls think modeling is about three things, beauty, and height and if they have an agent or not. Not to mention weight, and sexiness and how much skin they show.

It is all wrong in my opinion.

I think the modeling business has changed a lot in the past 5 years. When I was a freshman in college in 2001 the word model was just becoming a popular word among friends. American Online was hot and Myspace wasn’t even in our language yet. But now it seems everyone, and anyone is trying to be a model, is calling themselves one, if not seriously, then for at least a few minutes a day while they download photos of themselves on their Myspace account, or beg for comments on their cuteness on their modeling pages on their Internet Modeling websites.

When someone asks me “what do you do?” I still feel a little dumb if I say I am a model, even though I have worked with national brands,

… mainly it is because the word model is something that on one hand isn’t taken seriously because a lot of people assume it is because you are pretty or cute, or lucky or you slept with someone,…or the Internet makes it seem like anyone can be a model or a wanna be model these days.

……………and then sometimes kinda of like someone is saying to you “ yeah right, get a real job. Your not a model,” like it isn’t reality to talk about it.

Like it is still a dreamworld.

When I started modeling I wouldn’t tell many people about it, mainly because I wasn’t confident in my choices but still I was ambitious and after working with some wrong people it seemed like modeling wasn’t something I was suppose to talk about since not many people I knew did it.

Although over time I have made modeling my reality and on my own, by my own way, and because I wanted too. I have created my modeling self.

I do think of modeling like something I created. I created it for myself and each day I work at it. The only person telling me to go on, is me. And I think like a business and I strive to get work.

I have done it by being realistic with myself. I am not the most beautiful girl. I am not the tallest. I am not your typical model, but that wont stop me because I know what I DO have that will get me in the door.

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