Friday, December 14, 2007

Finding the Headshot?

Are you having a hell of a time finding the headshot. An agent wants to see both of your eyes and wants to see something striking. So far the images I have picked have been turned down by the agents I work with,- not head-shot-y enough.
I am focusing on my eyes and finding a shot that shows them speaking.

When it comes to picking a headshot that is best to represent you, or a shot for the front of your card, it can be a process. seriously it should be because you want to make a statement.

1. focus on your eyes- that is what the casting directors, agents and clients will see first.

2. Even if you have to crop your hair out a little because it is wild, you could still use the shot, if your face is making an expression that is energetic or looks alluring like a makeup ad campaign.

3. Curious, calm, and collected should be the image you are expressing for the front of a compcard. Or use a tearsheet or a really nice smiling shot like you are saying hello to good friends.

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