Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Victoria Secret Show and Silver Belles

Well, since many girls admire the Victoria Secret girls, I tuned in tonight to CBS. Wow an hour went by. Honest opinion: I only sort of liked the show. I liked the Star at the end that Heidi wore, and how it popped open. I really liked the artistic, artist lingerie, but I think it could have been a bit more creative, edgy and off the hook. The girl walking with the belle on her neck was a little scary, it looked painful. I miss the lace and wish there was more fur lingerie, fake fur, but soft looking lingerie would be cool. Something extra special for Xmas. I think Sports Illustrated is hot hot hot, but the Spice Girls did good and Victoria Beckham rocked it in her cute little hat and gear very well. As for the show: It would have been cute if little elfs walked the ladies dow nthe runway, something with more personality than shaking the butt with angel wings, seen it, done it already.

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