Saturday, December 29, 2007

Do you know Janice Dickinson

In a Metro newspaper interview I once said I would rather Watch Janice Dickinson's show The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency than watch America's Next Top Model, this is still true but I hate both shows! While watchign Janice Dickinson for a few minutes I can't believe how much she needs to make fun of others on set, at the shoot, the models, etc, just to make herself shine...then watching for a few minutes more I get really upset and have to turn it off, her attitude is so mean, her personality isn't with "a girl next door smile," -she is from the swamps of Florida and you would think with her acomplishments and status she would at least smile. On the show recently there was a girl who was told by Janice loudly to lose weight, and this girl had really beautiful hair, and really great skin, and she wouldn't ever be considered over weight, she would be great for a fitness magazine even. I can still hear Janice's voice yell " LOSE IT!"
I couldn't help but wonder " did Janice ever get told to lose weight," I recall in her first book called: No Lifeguard on Duty that she did, and I remember her thinking it was messed up, but now here she is telling a girl to lose weight? I respect she has worked hard and lived through a lot but I wonder if she will bring that to the screen. I don't find her that show inspiring, and I don't find it helpful. The show is more about her sass and rude personality, and yelling, than really helping a girl figure out her way in modeling, and since modeling is going more towards commercial it seems her spin on a modeling agency isn't really an up to date approach. Is that as creative as she can get? Only yelling at a girl to lose weight?

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