Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Rachel Ray and Jen, scrapping a yummy Dinner

I enjoyed watching Jen on Rachel Ray this morning. I like how she wasted none of her
ingredients and I can relate. I do use the whole lemon when I cook. I love making my pasta with throwing in lemon and seasonings, and the chicken have lemon on it too. I use the ends too. Nothing is wasted when you are working, and cooking on a budget. You can even make Roman Noodles taste even better with adding some lemon, or veggies to it, or chicken or pork.

Sometimes even after finally getting the paycheck I waited weeks or months for, I still eat on a budget because you can! It is easy to enjoy a meal with the ones you love without getting a headache. I do love the feeling of making a meal and having the ones I love enjoy it, it does touch my heart, -even for a raga-muffin model like me!

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