Sunday, December 9, 2007

Managing Goals and Rent- Freelancers

The toughest thing is managing rent, bills and having a dream and goal. Really making the plans you have happen can mean putting into perspective the daily choices you make. Survival should be first, ( although for me sometimes it was last) it should be first. I know it might seem like life passes by fast and it does, even if you have to take a month off to get organized it is worth it....It might take some time to get good images, a comp card, and afford to put together a book, but after you do even 6 months of hard work and submitting to agents and to magazines could get you work and tearsheets. Within a year you could have some good work in your portfolio. Sometimes to get the bigger jobs and to get the agent you need a tear sheet to get you going. So if you don't have agency I would focus on trying to get tearsheets, and this can only take a few minutes of your day but you have to have your marketing tools. For printing try

But even with the modeling agent and modeling agency you have to always work for yourself, market yourself and be aware that nothing happens if you wait!


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