Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dave Matthews sings for the Petite Models- well I think so...

In Dave Matthews words for the song Little Thing...
So, um, so weve been doing this, uh, this tour, what I guess this is our
Fifth show weve done, tim and i, and, uh... (applause) and, uh, so this little
Song has been growing out, uh, while weve been playing, sort of a little
Story. and the little story I was in new york city and, uh, I was walking down
The street. trying to find the place I was going (I cant remember where I was
Going now). cause I met this girl and I asked her directions, you know. and
She was, she was tiny, you know. she, she wasnt young,she was just tiny and,
Uh, so I asked her directions and she said, oh thats the way down there, walk
Over there, go down there, you walk over there, and you go down there and then
You're there. something like that, anyway. so, uh, but I walked about ten
Paces away and I was thinking... daaamn, that girl was fine. and, oh, I turned
Around to tell her so, and ask her maybe her name, or maybe if we should go and
Get a cup of, who knows, coffee or something. and Im sure if I turned around
And find Her there I would have found out something...

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