Wednesday, December 5, 2007

P.Diddy fragrance on My Chest Tonight

Well the day ended with pouring Champaign for P.Diddy and the Sean John crew, it was maybe my last time ever pouring Champaign. ( only one glass broke tonight) For some extra holiday cash I was a drink mixer sporting an Unforgivable Woman tee shirt representing Puffy’s new fragrance which is a major hit globally. I didn’t expect to see P.Diddy tonight but he sure has put a lot of heart into his line and Perfume Company and image. I like the passion inside his company, the message of doing your dream, and being an independent and striving individual. When I put the orange juice into the flute and then adding the Champaign the drink was originally for a girl who wanted a blini CHAMPAIGN COCTAIL, then right when I am almost done pouring a hand is coming towards me and it is P.Diddy's hand, well of course Sean Combs gets the drink first and the timing was so perfect.

I just hoped he didn't mind the Blini part.
Cheers to his hustle and ironically in my book Almost 5'4" my quote is by his fav: The Notorious B.I.G. and from the song Juicy " You know very well who you are, don't let them hold you down, reach for the stars." That song gets me excited, pumped and ready to rock. It defines where I was at when I wrote the book. I listen to that song on the subway and seriously lip it daily.

Before this event tonight, I did a shoot at the Apple Store. I almost froze in my sexy Nina shoes but it was worth it. No matter the weather, the bank account highs and lows, the pressure, or the chance and odds, I will be always trying to keep striving and dreaming. I hope you tune into my podcast at where I shared some insight to how Publishing a Book and also Modeling have a lot to do with Marketing.

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