Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Hits and Clicks of Modeling and Shoes

I think to get ahead as a model, it takes persistance, order, a plan, and goals. It takes also understanding what you are really doing. Modeling is about a product and I think the Internet has meant that modeling has become more about the hits and clicks these days since anyone can be apart of a modeling website. It is easy to lose focus on whether it is about tearsheets or hits and clicks on your website. I still and always will judge a model by " what work have you done?" Not by "who is your agent?" or " how many clicks does your website have?" Modeling is about " what products have your worked with?" Or " what tearsheets do you have?" To me anyways. Make your heels click, and get up and start hustling and working hard to get the work. I don't think being a model is about being pretty, it is about being persistant.

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