Friday, November 30, 2007

Amy Grant brings back my childhood

On Oprah today I saw Amy Grant, it was a memorable experience because I grew up listening to her " baby, baby" and "Good For me" with a childhood friend, it was 1993-ish, my parents had divorced and I would enjoy dancing and being silly with Amy's songs, my friend and I would make up our own music videos and dance around her living room and hold up fake micro-phones. ( she was alot better at it than I was). When it comes to Amy's story, I am glad she followed her heart and has always done what she has wanted to do with her music and life. I am also admiring her relationship with Vince. I had tears when Oprah read from her book words Vince had said to Amy, "I welcome you, I welcome you and whatever you bring to the table is enough!"

And when they mentioned the South African Greeting " I see you "
I plan on reading her book.
Time Does Matter, good quote Amy.

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