Friday, November 30, 2007

Advice and Tips from my Past- Almost 5'4"

In my modeling memoir I mention my gritty self discovering past of striving to be a petite model in NYC between 2001-2006. Although today I am working with national brands, names and networks, I have decided to share my roots, my naive moments, my growth and the road I have seen as a petite model. I declare to make it known that I am not perfect, I have made mistakes, and accept them. I like giving advice, and using my unconventional modeling story to give hope to those who dream. Who are the underdogs, who want to stand for something. Even if that something is themselves.
I have learned to self serve, take a chance, and to take risks, to engage in my pursuits, to try, to not give up. Fighting for the chance has lead to my book and my podcast and my blogs about being a petite model and no matter your pursuit sometimes you have to bluntly make it happen, pick up the phone, mail, pitch, and promote yourself, and it doesn't end through one source,-because trying something that is a challenge, only means it is something worth capturing time and time again.

isobella jade

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