Monday, November 26, 2007

Petite Clothing and Suits or Lack of

Something I find upsetting is shopping or considering shopping for a suit. I remember when I was around 20 my mother bought me my first suit. There weren't alot of choices and we ended up going to Petite Sophisticate. It was a nice suit but I felt a little too young to be in the store, now about 5 years later I still feel weird when it comes to finding a suit because I can't find one anywhere! It makes me sad to know that for the petite girl, or woman there is not enough petite lines. Not enough diversity out there. If you are between the ages of 20-25 or even 30, it is hard to find something that fits the fashion trends and which fits and makes you feel good. And without spending an arm and a leg. I am hunting for petite suits. Designers, and I am striving to interview a few. I don't wear suits alot but blazers and jackets, button down shirts are my favorites and I have a very hard time when it comes to spending under 100 bucks. It is like we get punished by the fashion world for being so petite.

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