Thursday, November 15, 2007

Petite Modeling- Sexual Moments

During my experiences as a petite model, I have met some real jerks, but in all honestly really it comes down to making the wrong choices. As a petite model, as a freelance model, you have to be careful, focusing on who to work with, how to market yourself, how to be true to yourself, but tonight I let it all out. At Rachel Kramer Bussel's Sex Confessions. At "Happy Ending" Lounge. It was so much fun to speak about some shoot I had encountered over the years at the Erotic reading.

modeling is now a business to me, and I am doing it to make a statement, for the ad campaign, or the editorial, and using my body and voice in a way that really does share a side of the modeling industry that isn't spoken about enough. Modeling isn't just Vogue and Playboy, there is so much more.

And also today I spilled, on my podcast I spoke about the good, and the bad of Craigslist.

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