Thursday, November 1, 2007

Petite Modeling and Nude Mistakes

As a petite model I have run into many upsetting experiences during my hustle as a petite model. During my next podcast segment on Model Talk, I will be discussing the Frustrations & Letdowns I have encountered and share the stories and how I got through it.

This is an example of one situation where I not only grew as a model but also grew perceptive towards who I want to work with and the type of ways I promote myself as a model.

"I leaned against his living room wall of his small Miami studio apartment near Lincoln Road. He said, " let me see your breasts." I lift my shirt slowly like I had many times before during the past few years for photographers. He said, "You know one of your breasts is smaller than the other one." He said it like I already didn't know this. I have seen my breasts plenty of times so I ignored his statement and let him just take a photo of them. It wasn't until I got out side that I wondered why I was letting this jerk look at my breasts in the first place, I walked out feeling so dumb, so confused, ready to yell!"

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