Monday, November 26, 2007

Let's Hear it for the Underdogs. Holiday Glamour Special

I talk about petite models being jewelry models and I recently heard from a designer who uses a petite model in her advertising and also offers a discount to petite models. Her words are very inspiring and I wanted to share them with you.

At Corazon Latino, we believe that every woman is unique, that our differences should be celebrated, and that you do not have to be 5'10 & a size zero to be beautiful. Beauty is about passion, a love of life & living your dreams... That is the spirit behind Corazon Latino.

Isobella really has that Corazon Latino. Not only does she work hard to make her dreams a reality, she also helps other women to achieve their dreams with her down-to-earth advice & real insights into the world of modelling.

To support Isobella and to thank her for her support of Corazon Latino, I would like to offer you, her "readers" a special 10% off introductory discount on our entire range. Just visit our site, and take a look at the range. If you see something you like, just head to the checkout & when you register enter coupon code INTRO307 into the coupon code box for a 10% discount off your order. You can check out the prices in US & Can as well Aus (just click the flag & choose your currency). You can pay by all major credit cards safely & securely & we will ship worldwide within a week.

Enjoy! Catherine D'Arcy - Founder - Corazon Latino.

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