Friday, November 2, 2007

Petite Modeling walking into a Photo Studio

I think a model should know why they want to model, and what it means when they say " I want to make it!"

Make what? I think a model should know what she wants out of modeling. What is the want to make?

So the next time you walk into a photo studio don't just strut in and say " Ok, I'm here, what do you want me to do?" Come in and say " I want to shoot this dress." Or " I really want to be in jewlery ad campaigns." Or " I want represent a handbag
company or shoe company." Or say " I want to submit some images to a magazine."

Be rare, original, and be more than just a model. When you are out at a club, don't just say," I'm a model." when someone asks you what you do and hands you a martini.
Say instead something that shows you are more than another model. Say something like " I model handbags" or " I am a hair model," Or a shoe model, or a swimwear model, or For something. The dumb nature of a model is when you are trying to just expose yourself without a point.

Strive to make a point and sometimes that means even admitting you want one or do have one besides being another one.

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