Monday, November 12, 2007

Fake Photographer, Fake Makeup Artists, or just hustlers?

Alot of times people get the job because of everything but their work. There are the GWC's or the Guys With Cameras, and my new one the GWM's "Girls With Makeup."
Those who take the zap out of the word professional.
Sometimes the struggle that the photographer and makeup artist have is similar to the ones petite models have. It is the same sort of rush...from Making connections, updating the book, finding work, and marketing themselves. Usually this means the run in with those who aren't so passionate about their work but then again, sometimes get the work!

It is frustrating when someone beat you to the job, wins the job, and you know your work is better, stronger, more interesting, or as a model you are just plain better!

You can feel it that you should have gotten that job but you didn't.

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