Wednesday, November 21, 2007

You shoot with Film?

I love a crisp shot, when the photography catches even the fuss on my shirt. I love how it sees everything! Robert Caldarone gives his thoughts on film

Robert Caldarone's words: With all the advances in digital cameras and backs over the years, I'm still amazed at how huge the visual information gap is when digital is compared to modern-day film. Today's professional films from both Kodak and Fuji deliver more visual information than any other capture medium. And what really blows my clients' eyes away is the finished product. I enjoy the fact that today's professional films continue to keep offering a level of depth, color, texture, sharpness, and resolution that a digital back or camera (due to the flat-chip design of the medium itself) can never achieve. When you think about all the three-dimensionality which lies in the chemistry of film, and the way it can capture slightly different records of the same image within the ever-changing mosaic of its silver halide crystals there's not a man-made chip now or in the future that could ever come close to what film offers today, yesterday, or in the future! Film is not going away, no matter how hard a digital camera sales person tries to make their weekly quota.

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