Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Guia Rivera: Petite and Comfortable with her Size and Sings from her Soul

I heard today from a petite Spanish singer named Guia Rivera, who is making a mark as a singer but also as a women who is "standing up for what she believes and sings from her soul," and I really loved her answers to my questions about being a petite inspiration.

hola hola isobella! it's guia here. I read the messages you sent. It's mad refreshin to me to know that you're beautiful and at the same time humble. For one thing us girls gotta stick together and appreciate our individualities and I'm really thankful for the positivity you're showin everyone eric and myself.

- I'm 5'1" but i like to be a leader and in charge so no one really thinks about my height, except when they hear me singin loudly. then they're shocked cos they dont think short people could project their voice like that
- I love my height 'cos i am happy with what I was born with. What I love most is that's what God gave me and that I'm his creation like everyone else, unique... we all come in different shapes and sizes... otherwise the world would be boring ya know?
- I do wear a small size shoe and it gets on my nerves when they run out of my shoe size 5 1/2 or 6 real fast at the shoe store. I like ballerina flats of different makers and my absolute fave are antique rustic brown leather kneehigh boots that make you feel like you're in another time, steve madden is right on with comfort n style.

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