Thursday, November 8, 2007

Modeling Mistakes: Where are the rest of My Tiger Shots?

Well, I shot with a wild beast between my little petite lean legs, and this is the only shot I ever got!

Kinda wish I had more, it might make for a submission to Sports Illustrated.
And I always give photographer credit too when I do submit. Seriously, be careful who you work with, sometimes it can result in a great shoot, but then a situation where you NEVER get the images or only get one. Also I had no idea how the animal was treated, who knows if the tiger is being abused. I didn't get images but also I didn't ask about the treatment of the animal and I should have as well.

This is a great shot, but the only one I got for shooting with a live animal, with a trainer, and photographer at an animal zoo near Miami.

Very upsetting.

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Anonymous said...

i love this photo with the tiger!!! grrr!!! i hope to see you doing runway (: glad you can challenge the status quo.