Friday, November 16, 2007

Isobella Jade, petite model, Not just shaking her Ass

There are lots of models who shake it to make it, and if that feels go to them then, go them! but for me, I need more in my portfolio, and more of a purpose beyond being just the hot girl sometimes. At least I need a product involved, something that says, I am actually modeling more than just my great ass.

Any petite freelance model who tells you the jobs just came to me, is lieing, or at least lucky. For me The Internet has helped my pursuits and straight up and honest, no joke, Craigslist has helped to build my book, regardless of agents I am always fending for myself, but when I was growing my resume, and building my reel, I used Craigslist to get ahead, here are some gigs I gained from being careful who I worked with and from taking a chance:

Coheed and Cambria,- lead in the music video - MTV
Wella hair modeling
Distraction Jewelry
Elvis Martinez- Univision
Fuji TV
International Beauty Show
Shoreline America- catalog
Urge Commercial- Commercial- MTV
My American Heart- lead in music video
Fitness book for Mind Over Muscle
White Mountain Shoes- Shoe modeling

These are just a few gigs I have booked on my own and since the Internet also makes the industry more competive as well, you need to plan, create goals, and chase them.

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