Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Modeling Minus Wasting Time

If you focus on quality all around you will get ahead as a model.
From your images to the goals you have, make it about benefits and don't waste your time waiting for things to happen. Sometimes you have to make it happen.

Ask yourself " How is this experience,shoot, person, photographer, going to get my ahead." Usually the answer can explain if something is a scam or waste of time. If you are freelancing, managing yourself and acting as your own agent sometimes, you are a business, and treat your self and your goals like one.

When starting out modeling, or trying to get more work, we do make mistakes sometimes and it stems from taking a chance, not every clothing company gets sales when the store opens on the first day and the first hour, it can take time, thought, and conceptualizing to know how you fit into your market. The market of modeling.

This means making sure you stay organized and being hands on with your career, so if you want to start this coming new year off right, make some goals, write them down, stick to them, it is only 6 weeks away and you can start by preparing today. If you want something you fight for it. The effort is worth it.

Focus on getting better photos, quality, images that sell you and then take these images and do what is best...start marketing yourself to make yourself a model worth hiring.

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