Monday, November 5, 2007

Petite Modeling Means making Reality not Reality TV.

I am not sure what is going on with the reality TV World but it is very sick, sick, sick in the head. I was flipping and on the TV I saw something very scary, it was the show called The Shot. It is every true hustling photographers nightmare I am sure. I was shocked when they photographer's TO BE were told NOT to take wedding shots. It is amazing what reality shows DON'T say about the entertainment business and the industry. This show is really a sad scene by the nature of shooting and realy learning nothing and just getting yelled at for it, Oh God here we go again, I am very disturbed by it actually. Mostly by Russell James, he may have captured photographs for Elle,Vogue, GQ, etc, but this is just a resume,and his vision is blind to the realities of photographers day in and day out hustle and those thriving and striving. He brings nothing to the real experience. The photographs the photographers on the show take are actually really beautiful...and I hope they all stay very ambitious after the show because Russell James's words are not to be defining, Russell James could have done so much more with the show, because the show relates to no one- no true photographer out there who is trying to get in magazines, no one in America can relate to it, and it doesn't question the real ethics and business of being your own.

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