Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hand Modeling Casting Today

Sitting on the train on way to a casting I put lotion on my hands, rubbing each finger nail slowly and paying special attention to the small scratch on my pinky. It hurt alittle. I even put some foundation on it to cover the redness. I held both hands out admiring the shape of each finger and the shine of my clear nail polish.
A scratch could even cost me this casting, it is kind of funny in a way but a scratch, even a small one could mean I get the job or not. Or it could be my skin tone, or the shape of my nails, the length, the bone structure.

There are some real hand fanantics out there too, some die hard Hand Models, where all they do is hand modeling like it is their only job and purpose and trust me they DO bank money doing it.

They are just hands, and to everyone else on the train I must have looked obsessed with myself, stuck up even, maybe a bit preppy, while admiring my finger nails, but as a petite modeling -to me it means using my body as a selling point, and even for a hand casting their is prep time and I needed a model moment even while on the train to warm up my hands.

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