Monday, November 19, 2007

The Hustle of A Model

The hustle of a model is something most people would never consider real life. Real life is reading Us Magazine and watching VH1 and America's Next Top Model, not being on it. Or pursuing anything that involves risk. Most people wont take the chance, the chance of failure.
I live for the chance. I am inspired by the fear of failure and the hustle of a model is bringing forward the artist in myself.
Not many people may understand the dedication it entitles to have the title of model.
Every day throwing ourselves, our appearance, and letting us be judged.
Most people run from being judged, or put down, instead daily, we get the diss, from not getting a call back, booking the job, from being scammed, or making a mistake, and when we do succeed, win a tear sheet or ad campaign, it seems like a simple thing to those who don't understand the pure work it takes to be in a league of our own, to run every day for the chance, to wake up for it, it is too hard to give up, to even think for a moment life could be anything else. We live to strive, to try, and it might just be modeling, or a floosy thing to those who have never felt the lens or in another style of pursuit even achieved their goals, or even ever had one beyond the typical thing, but for us, typical isn't our way, it is the artistic hunter in us that wakes up each day curious for the unknown. It excites us, we are the dreaming hustlers of modeling, we are a unique breed and it might seem vain, and unstable...and it is,every day is different, sometimes the jobs pay shit and it takes forever to get paid,-we chase our work, and we sell our face, our bodies, the curves, the smile, the teeth, the hair, for the sake of feeling a purpose and leaving a mark. It is the hustle of a model.

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