Monday, November 26, 2007

What About the Petite Girl? She has to get Dressed in the Morning too!

While Googling petite designers I ran into an article in the New York Times about the lack of Petite sizes in Department stores. MICHAEL BARBARO reports:

"It's not like American women suddenly got tall," said the designer Dana Buchman, who has supplied petite-size tweed jackets and chiffon skirts to Saks and Neiman Marcus for years. "I think it's a mistake."

Last year I got a Dana Buchman coat on sale, a very very good sale and I enjoyed that it was an Xsmall, a size that many designers forget about.

Fashion magazines and shows make it all about legs legs and length but the average woman is still 5'3"!!! I understand for presentation sometimes a certain style of clothing can look better on a tall woman, but honestly it is really getting crazy when we have to alter everything we buy! I guess the tailor is making out pretty good!

As a petite woman myself and petite model finding a great fit, a great designer to lean on is an issue but it is a good feeling to hear it from a fashion designer like Dana Buchman that someone is thinking of the petite woman fashion silluette.

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