Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Modeling Workshops could be a Waste

Life is already expensive so don't pay for someone to tell you what you are good at with modeling, or the areas you should consider. Workshops and modeling events are either too pricey usually or right down scams! So I would instead consider your body, your personality, your look, and start pursuing the options you have. The first thing you will need is photos. They say so much more than any old workshop director. Don't pay for talent searches, or anything that involves someone else telling you what you are good at! Unless they are a friend or someone who believes in you and is giving you honest advice then do not pay to hear about what you are good at or not good for. Alot of models don't focus on themselves and instead worry too much about whatever anyone else says. I met a model once who had a mole on the side of her nose and debated getting it removed before she started modeling, I wanted to shake her and tell her "Noooo!" You don't have to change yourself, your natural self to be a model, and what might have happened to this model was that someone said" well your mole might turn off an agent!" And she listened instead of seeing the uniqueness in it, and it could be a personality trait or become her trademark! I think models obsess over perfectness. Which is really a wrong perception to have. Uniqueness is more of a selling point than being prime and perfect and flawless! Of course you might not want to sell your scars and blemishes, but your unique nose, or curly q hair is a selling point! Don't get sucked into losing yourself and your opportunities. You don't have to pay to hear it, and you don't have to change you! Modeling is about personality, bringing energy to a product, representing a brand. Or for handmodeling sometimes it is just about having the nail size and hand shape they are looking for. Does this mean I am getting fake nails to make my nails longer?? NO way, I am me. I am a model.

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