Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Petite Modeling and the Marketing of You

petite modeling is more than just posing, bending, and working it girl!-, it is about knowing your market and industry. It would be a good idea to focus on how you can get your little mini self into an agency this year. Think about what you have that you can sell in a way that will get you in the door. Every day I come up with new ideas and ways but I narrow them down to what will make a great compcard, which will sell me in a great way to get some tear sheets.

I might be the smallest chick on the street, but I have a great butt, legs, skin tone, hands and feet, and unique look, and lately I am shooting body part shots, full body, black white, color, sexy, and then also more editorially intriguing shots. I am thinking of submitting to all magazines, not just women's but Men's lifestyle too like GQ. It would be hot to be in a Men's Fitness magazine too in their editorials. Because girls are needed in all magazines, I saw a really nice shot of a girl laughing in lingerie on a bed in a Men's Fitness magazine, the shot had really nothing to do with fitness but it was more about lifestyle for the article, and I think models, girls, aspiring petite models, get blinded by thinking that skin is only meant to be dripping sexy wet and it just isn't true for commercial modeling and editorials. I have been naked plently of times to know that the body can be used in more editorial, lifestyle, commercial ways, beyond just sticking out your ass.

I love going to Barnes and Noble or Borders and looking in magazines, I get so inspired.

For me being a model, isn't enough. I have to write about it, podcast about it, live it and breathe it. Plan my shoots, write articles, and really dive into the pursuit. I find that writing about the bad times, the tough times, the frustrating times are the most fufilling moments. I will be speaking about this on my podcast this week.

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