Sunday, November 18, 2007

When height Doesn't matter

As a petite model, I focus on shooting for products where height doesn't matter.
Like focusing on Jewelry and Hair and beauty products, and I love decorating my photo shoots with accessories.

A great item is silver jewelry or a simple necklace that can bring some shine, bling and allure to your shoot.

I discovered a great jewelry company called Corazon Latino. You can check them out at

Jewelry like this brings some flair to your simple headshot or fashion story. Modeling is about telling a story, saying something without words, and relying on the expression in the eyes, and letting the colors and textures in your shoot speak.
So what! Maybe you aren't 5'10, and it wont be easy to get a modeling agent, maybe it will take some work to get the right shots to market yourself, even the taller girls have struggles, modeling involves persistance and regardless of height sometimes selling yourself, means having the right accessories, to back you up, to prove, Yes I Can Model, handbags, jewelry, shoes, and beauty products,...sometimes you need to show in your images that you can.

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