Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hand Modeling & Voice over work

These two things can get you into the modeling door! Modeling and the commercial worlds are coming together so there is work for you if you have a great voice, and you can make a lot of money as a voice actor, and you can also make good money as a hand model. Don't forget these are great ways to also promote yourself and get your self in the modeling door. Use what others don't have,flaunt what you got, can use what you have and get ahead!

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Wild Phil said...

Hi Darlin,

I think that these Modeling Agencies that think that Tall Slender Girls as being the best is just a bunch of hype because they evidently didn't ask what the Middle American Male sees as a hot sexy foxy young woman is supposed to look like.

I happen to luv short girls, they are so hot and sexy. They are also so cute and adorable and lovable.

For example the TV Series Gilligans Island. More middle American Men seen Mary Ann as the hottest sexiest girl on the show over Ginger who was tall and slender but Mary Ann was by far the best.

So don't feel badly, keep up the great work and give those Idiotic Modeling agencies my memo, most middle American Men luv short girls.