Sunday, December 16, 2007

modeling advice: The Elle editor you never met

I stopped by McNally Robinson independent booksellers on Prince Street, and after a coffee my boyfriend bought me the book called The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. I only had read a few pages of it and already got really interested in Jean Dominique Bauby's story. The french Elle editor who came out of a coma, and wanted to write a book even though he could not write or speak, over came the odds by blinking page by page, letter by letter into a whole book, what a passionate editor as well, and he died even before the book was made available. The story blows my mind. What was really ironic as well, was that after purchasing the book, we went over to the Angelika Film Center, and no joke the motion picture of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly was playing! It was so weird. The movie made me even more excited to read the book and overwhelmed with respect and honor for Mr.Bauby.

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