Sunday, December 9, 2007

A Message for Kellie Pickler

I have a message for Kellie Pickler and her amazing touching song " I wonder." She is a strong vibrant woman, I look in her eyes and really see that Kellie has a story to tell. Not just about her own music and mother but I really think she will always be known to not hold back and to be comfortable to reveal her honest feelings and as a singer I really respect her. My father was an alcoholic, today he is recovering and over all my striving to model I haven't had a role model or father figure in the typical American Dad way, and when I wrote and published a book I detailed my relationship with my father and it was a very emotional experience to write with such honesty. I think you are an example that a person's struggles can turn into their huge success, and you are extremely driven and focused and able to sing with your heart. I admire your lyrics and voice. I now really love Country music because of words like yours.

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