Monday, December 10, 2007

Hints and tips for submitting Photos to a Magazine

So you want to submit your photo to a magazine? You don't know where to start?
Well start by picking up the magazine you like or want to be in. All of the answers are inside the magazine. In the first 5 pages of a magazine you will find a ton of ads, so keep flipping and soon you will find the magazine Masthead, the magazine title and the editors credits and names are what follows.

Keep that page handy. Now you can do these three things:

1: Flip through the magazine until you find an article or photo series that intrigues you and you start thinking " That could be me!" and then notice who the editor of the piece was, and look in the front of the magazine, on the Masthead page and find out the title of the editor. Usually down below there is the magazine's address. So now you have the magazine editors name, and you know what they previously worked on and you know the magazines address. Now all you need is a stamp!

Next you need to show your not just another model or wanna be. Write a letter and say " I liked the piece you did on ____ recently, please consider me for your up coming editorials and photo shoots where you might need a model with a lot of energy and a diverse look." Include of course your phone number, not just your email.

Or there is #2: That involves just looking in the front of the magazine and submitting your images to the photo edior or editorial director. The names are right there, waiting for your mail!

Now for # 3: For email submission, I would go to the website, find the email of one editor and you know the name of them all usually. Research the public relations section of the magazine, and sometimes inside of press releases you can find emails, so if you know how the format is for one person at the magazine you can figure out how to send the editor you really want to submit through email.
Take control of your dreams. Keep trying. And Go for it!

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