Friday, December 14, 2007

becoming a model

The Internet has made it possible to easily become a model or call yourself one. It is easy to post your image and then in a matter of clicks have a new title as model. But getting ahead is a whole other story. I think being a model takes smarts. Maybe the television show America's Smartest Model really ruins that idea, but I do think modeling is like starting a small business. It takes a marketing mindset, knowing yourself, being perceptive and driven. More than anything it takes the will to strive for your self. To wake up each day with a goal, with a plan and the effort to simply try and take a becoming a model is really based on your own focus and the work you put in. Especially as a petite model. It is about not being narrow minded, about being open to the world of modeling beyond fashion and find that there is actually ALOT out there for models of all heights. But you must seek the opportunity, it wont always find you.

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