Friday, December 7, 2007

Homelessness To me, Modeling vs. a Home

Homelessness to me doesn't mean I have lived on the streets. Homelessness is a feeling inside and being comfortable with the main home of you being inside of your heart and mind. Physically having no place to call home and being ok because it is a choice.

I have a college degree in Advertising. But I made a choice in Oct 2005 that I could manage to live without a home or stability. I had some wonderful friends who I bounced around to and from, but also I ended up desperate at times using anyone as a potential place to stay. Striving directors, photographers, and gym workers, friends, a guy I was seeing at the time. It was a rough moment but I knew I was striving for my dream and worth it. I don't think many models would give up their roof, for the chance, but I did. We all know paying rent is a stability that is needed, but for me, I couldn't manage at the time. And I made a choice to still model, or get a 9-5 job and survive but not have my modeling.
It was always my choice, -to throw out my clothing and furniture and live out of 5 bags and soon a suitcase, and try and try again to manage stability but it was always a choice and I remember some days wondering "where am I sleeping tonight," and I don't regret those times, but now I am with more stability. It is the last chapter of my book.

Today on The View, actor Ernie Hudson spoke about a movie he is in about homelessness. I plan on seeing it and taking in the emotion. Check out Ernie's history too here.

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